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What Is Counselling?

Counselling provides a safe, private environment to explore any difficulties you may be having, with a qualified Counsellor. By working together collaboratively in a supportive, yet focused way we can explore ways of managing that feel more effective and empowering.

As an Accredited Counsellor with 16 years experience of working in various settings, I provide an Integrative approach to working with clients. This means that I can draw upon different counselling orientations to provide creative approaches to personal problems and change, enabling us to work in a way that is most effective for you. I provide short and longer term counselling.

I use various therapeutic approaches including:

What Type of Issues Can Counselling Help With?

Some of the main issues that may be relevant during counselling are:

Being unhappy about your:

Stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, anger, loneliness, sadness
Confusion, limiting beliefs, problems making decisions, repetitive negative thoughts
Procrastination, actions that have unhelpful consequences, unhealthy habits
Life Circumstances
Experiencing problems and changes in one or more area of your life, including family and relationships, work pressure, financial difficulties, health issues or disability, bullying and harassment, bereavement and loss, conflict etc

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